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Meet our San Francisco bunnies!

We currently have 0 bunnies located in the San Francisco Bay area. All our SFO bunnies are listed below. To meet our bunnies

Adoption applications

If you are interested in adopting one of our rabbits, please fill out our adoption application form and fax it to our adoption center. We will contact you as soon as possible after we receive your application.

San Francisco PetCo Partnerships

Rabbit Rescue has partnered with PetCo stores to make it easier for you to adopt a rabbit. You can visit some of our bunnies at PetCo locations around the San Francisco Bay area. Our scheduled adoption days at area PetCos are listed below. Adoption days include rabbits available for adoption, as well as information, nail clippings, and more.

San Francisco Foster Home

Phone: 562.862.8844

Adoption days at this location:
By appointment only.

or, come visit our resident bunnies at local PetCo stores any time that's convenient for you.

Bunnies at this location: