Finding a home for your

Thank you for wanting to place your bunny or a bunny you may have found at our rescue, we are excited to help. There are hundreds of rabbits that are simply let loose in the street or a park to fend for themselves, sadly this is a death sentence to domesticated rabbits. At Rabbit Rescue Inc., we do our absolute best to take in as many rabbits as we can to find their forever indoor home with knowledgeable bunny parents. As a non-profit organization, we do not receive government funding and are dependant on donations in order to continue operating and saving more bunnies.

Any rabbits relinquished to us must be spayed or neutered with official veterinary documentation stating the rabbit is sterile in order for us to take them and later adopted as stated by the law in California and our non-profit status. We try our absolute best to take in all of the bunnies in need but with limited donations and a small number of volunteers, we have requirements that must be completed prior to relinquishment.

If you would like to relinquish your spayed or neutered bunny, please email us at with the following requirements:

After you send us the above information, you will be placed on a waitlist. The waitlist spans from one day to two months. We work very hard to make the relinquishment procedure a speedy process and can do so when we receive the completed requirements mentioned. When we have the space for your rabbit, we will contact you with a day to bring him/her in. We require the spay/neuter certificate and a $30 relinquishment fee upon drop off.

We have a list of rabbit vets on our website if you need to spay or neuter your rabbit, the dollar signs next to the vets indicate the price range.

If you absolutely cannot take care of your rabbit or complete the requirements mentioned, please take him or her to your local area animal control or humane society. Do not set the rabbit loose, it is against the law to abandon an animal. There is a $1,000 fine as well as a prison sentence for doing so.

We have found homes for several bunnies through the relinquishment process and are excited to help people rehome their rabbits into loving and caring homes. With the completion of the requirements mentioned, bunnies quickly come in to our rescue, receive lots of TLC and find their loving forever homes.