Volunteer at Rabbit Rescue

How to volunteer at Rabbit Rescue

To be a Rabbit Rescue volunteer in Southern California, you must first attend a volunteer training event. Contact us to sign up for the next available event:

For San Francisco Bay Area volunteers, please check our volunteer listings on Volunteer Match.

All Rabbit Rescue volunteers must have a signed "Volunteer & Tetanus Waiver" on file with us. For your convenience you can print it out here. Just bring it with you when you come for training.


All volunteer activities in So Cal take place at our adoption center (7640 Rosecrans Avenue, Paramount CA).

Our volunteer needs

We are currently in need of dependable volunteers to cover Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings on a regular basis. Duties include

Work time depends on the day:

At our adoption center you can get involved in any of the following opportunities:

  1. Helping our buns stay happy and healthy by keeping their quarters clean.
    Cleaning pens and cages while buns enjoy outdoor play
  2. Brushing, nail clipping, and one-on-one playtime.
    Buns need supervision while out and about, like any other play yard! This is also a great time to get some grooming in.
  3. Driving buns to and/or from adoption events.
  4. Showing rabbits and educating the public at in-store adoption events.
    Knowledge of rabbit care/health/behavior is a plus to educate the public properly. Training available.
  5. Organizing and carrying out fund-raising events.
    Got an idea? Run with it! Great for Key Clubs and Scout Troops. Just give us your info for posting. Take pics of your group/event for our "Pictures" page!
  6. Selling merchandise and educating the public at our fund-raising events.
    We hold several events yearly and can always use extra hands at the merchandise or adoption booths.
  7. Donating monies or goods to the buns.
    See our wish list. Remember, even small donations help save lives.

Rabbit experience and knowledge is helpful, but training will be provided for any position.

Questions? Call our Hopline: 562.862.8844