Rabbit care information

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Here's some helpful information about rabbits and how to care for them.

Before You Buy a Bun

What you should consider before you get a bunny for your family.


Details on what is and isn't good housing and safe flooring for your bun. Where to find housing and tips on "rabbit-proofing" your home. A few words on the joys of toys.

Outdoor Dangers

Dangers to your outdoor bun you may be unaware of, and avoidable tragedies that have befallen companion rabbits - told to me directly by their guardians.

Finding A Home For Your Rabbit

Step-by-step guidelines to help you find a safe, permanent home for your rabbit.

Feeding Basics

What foods, how much, where to get bargains. Based on up-to-date feeding guidelines for optimum health and longevity.

Litterbox Training

Whether you're bringing a bun in from outside or a new bun home, here's the quick and easy method.


What every rabbit family should know about basic health care. Always consult with a qualified veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.


A list of qualified rabbit vets in Southern California.

Easter bunnies

Every year at Easter, rabbits given as pets die by the thousands. Help stop the tragedy by being informed.

Rabbit Care sheet

We offer a condensed 1-page Rabbit Care sheet for your reference, for download online.

Recommended reading

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