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Heath and Martina

Heath and Martina

We're a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

Currently living at:
Rabbit Rescue Adoption Center


8 years
May, 2013

Heath was trapped on a neighborhood street in Panorama City along with his siblings. He has been living with cats and has no problem with them. Knows the bunny box. Heath has some alpha in him and may be selective when it comes to a bunny buddy.


January, 2014

Martina is quite the character. She is very active and likes to say hi, she has been known to run around circles a few volunteers just for fun. At her last adoption event, the dogs passing by were making her a little uncomfortable, so what does Miss Martina do? She jumped on top of a volunteer's lap and stood there, almost as if saying "protect me from that furry monster!" The dogs were harmless, but she just seemed to go to the safest spot she could find, the lap of a human; and stayed there the entire time, as long as she was getting attention. After some petting, Martina then ventured off to explore her pen but would always come back and sit herself on top of the volunteer's lap--if she was ready for her or not!-- for some loving and reassurance, how cute is that! Martina nudges for attention too, after all, the bun gets what she wants. You can't say no to a face like that!